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Join the crafty alchemist Howlend and his spectral sidekick Syl on a quirky quest to an ancient forgotten island to find the fabled Heart of the Tree. Use your collection of chemical concoctions in cunning combinations to complete challenging combat encounters.


Lucid.zip 119 MB


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Had fun making shrooms go boom. I need an upgrade for the explosive flask though. A nuclear upgrade. :)

This is a really solid start! I loved how all the abilities interacted making the game about strategy more than anything else, but I don't know if they're enough to carry a whole game. Because of the lack of any enemies that sit anywhere between a stationary object and suicide bomber it ends up devolving into just waiting for your cooldowns so you can sleep the next group. Easily the most interesting part was dealing with the four lobbers at once but it made me wish that was the standard as opposed to the exception. The systems in place are solid, but I think they need to compliment something else as opposed to standing alone.


Very good game, but I don't like the blur effect when turning the camera.